15 Ways To Increase Online Presence of Your Business


Having a strong online presence is not an option in today’s world if you want your business to stand out. This is because it directly impacts your brand’s reach, visibility, and reputation. Every entrepreneur, solopreneur, or freelancer needs to increase online presence for their business to thrive.

But, there are a lot of ways to stand out from your competition in the digital world. It is just as easy to hurt your brand online as it is to increase your presence if you implement the wrong strategies.

That is why this article listed 15 ways that are proven and have been done by brands all over the world to make names for themselves online.

Let’s dive into it.

15 Ways To Increase Online Presence

Here are 15 ways that help to establish your social media presence, reach your target audience, be more visible in search engines, and have memorable local businesses.

1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

increase online presence

If you are trying to increase your online presence through just your website, then you will lose a lot of potential customers which could have boosted your business revenue. But, doing the opposite which is ignoring your website traffic will be just as bad.

Optimization of your website is a must, and a huge part of this is to make sure it is just as fast, user-friendly, and responsive on mobile devices. This is because a huge chunk of consumers in today’s world use their phones to purchase, and as technology improves, this number will only go up.

Tip: Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights or Experte’s PageSpeed Test to test your website’s usability, performance, and speed on mobile devices.

2. Publish High-Quality Articles and Blog Post

High-Quality Articles

Content is king, is probably a phrase you have heard or read if you are working in the digital marketing field, and this is for a good reason. Google, one of the most used platforms in the world, where you can attract most of your niche audiences and customers, takes into account the content of your website.

Have you ever tried to search for your business on Google, with its exact company or brand name, and could not find it? Or maybe you found it but it is not on the first page.

There are a lot of reasons why this could happen, but one thing is for sure, if you have more high-quality articles or blog posts then you will be able to increase your rankings in any search engines.

Here are a few ways writing high-quality articles can increase your online presence:

  • Builds authority and trust

  • Drives organic traffic

  • Encourages user engagements

  • Enhances brand recognition

  • Solidifies your brand voice

So, take the time to create a blog post section on your website and watch your online presence grow.

3. Implement SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques

Having a business online without doing any SEO techniques will have a negative effect on your company’s online presence. A search engine like Google decides how to rank websites and articles based on their quality and how optimized they are for search queries.

By utilizing search engine optimization or SEO, you are positioning your business to have a strong online presence. One of the reasons is it will be one of the platforms that can bring you the most traffic, together with social media, making it easier for both current and potential customers to find you.

Here are some SEO techniques that you should know:

With more traffic comes more earning potential for your business. Unlike other ways of advertising online, doing SEO is totally free. You might need some tools to get started but it will not cost as much as something like a pay-per-click campaign, and you can be confident that most big brands in your field are utilizing it.

4. Enhance Your Website’s Loading Speed

Website's Loading Speed

Have you ever seen an article or website in search results, and you clicked on it, only for that website to load so slowly that you just went back and clicked another one?

This is one of the main problems that causes online businesses to lose potential customers. In today’s world, patience is a diminishing value. Not everyone will wait several seconds for your website to load. That is why it is crucial to make sure that your loading speed is optimal.

According to Pingdom, your website load time should be no longer than 2 seconds. Users abandon their site visits after 3 seconds or longer. So by prioritizing loading speed, you can have a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate.

5. Post Regularly on Specific Social Media Platforms

social Media Platforms

For a local business, utilizing social media accounts will undoubtedly help their online presence. It can provide quick boosts on organic engagements from users, and indirectly affect the SEO efforts of companies, enhancing search visibility.

By regularly creating social media posts, businesses can enhance their visibility online. It can serve as a free online advertising platform, allowing brands to showcase their products and services to a wider range of audiences.

Social media users are a gold mine for businesses looking to expand their target audience, and even reach international markets. By crafting relevant content that is both helpful and engaging, brands can convert casual browsers into their followers, and over time, transform them into loyal customers.

Tip: The key for small business owners is to initially put their time and effort into specific social media platforms, instead of being lackluster on multiple platforms.

6. Actively Engage with Your Audience

Engage with Your Audience

As hinted above, simply having a social media presence is not enough. To build relationships and foster connections with your audience, it is important to engage with them. Consistently, interacting on your social media feeds humanizes your brand and ensures that your post will not be lost in a sea of contents.

A successful social media strategy is more than just creating content. It could be in the form of commenting back, direct messages, or even liking and sharing other posts that resonate with your brand.

Just remember to always be positive and professional when engaging with your audiences.

7. Run Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Run Targeted Advertising Campaigns

To cut through the noise and reach your business’s target market, running advertising campaigns can be a good idea. These campaigns when done correctly can build brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase conversion rates.

When designing ad campaigns, make sure to use precise and custom targeting. This is to ensure that you are reaching the exact demographics that your brand resonates with. It also needs regular optimization and monitoring to evaluate performance and maximize your return on investments.

8. Collaborate with Reputable Influencers

Collaborate with Reputable Influencers

One of the effective strategies for online presence management is to partner with reputable influencers. With their massive reach on social media pages and other online channels, influencers can take a brand to the next level.

It is necessary to do your research though, because it is just as easy for an influencer to hurt your brand image as it is to enhance it. Businesses should carefully assess who to partner with by checking the following factors:

  • Alignment of the audience with your brand

  • Their past collaborations

  • Brand’s compatibility

  • Engagement rate of their audience

  • Content quality and authenticity

9. Send Newsletters to Your Email Subscribers Regularly

Send Newsletters

One of the best ways to maintain your online presence is through email marketing. Regularly sending newsletters to your email subscribers not only keeps your brand memorable but also gives you an opportunity to increase revenue and boost customer retention.

A legitimate business online often adopts this marketing strategy to grow and connect with its audience. You just have to make sure that you don’t send too many emails to your subscribers because it will surely backfire, and mistake your brand for spam.

10. Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click(PPC) campaigns have become one of the building blocks of digital marketing. PPC ads can instantly position your post or content at the top of Google search and other search engine result pages (SERPs).

PPC is also one of the most expensive ways to boost your online presence. Unlike SEO, which aims to drive organic traffic to your business, PPC advertising needs to have a budget or initial investment. This is why it is important to regularly monitor your campaigns and make sure that you are getting a positive return on investments.

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11. Join Relevant Online Forums

Join Relevant Online Forums

Online forums have become the backbone of online communities for decades now. Participating in these conversations can certainly help a business increase its online presence. It also shows that they are up-to-date with trends and topics, and can enhance their authority in the field.

Here are some online forums businesses can benefit from:

  • Reddit: A broad platform for almost all types of interests and niches.

  • Quora: Great for consultants, experts in any field, and educators.

  • Stack Exchange: Best for tech companies.

  • Warrior Forum: For digital marketers, SEO experts, and affiliate marketers.

  • Facebook Groups: Suitable for local businesses, e-commerce stores, and hobbyists.

  • Niche Forums: Depending on your niche, there might be specific forums for its community.

When engaging with other people in these online forums, remember to always be professional and provide valuable insights.

12. Set Up Your Google My Business Profile

Set Up Your Google My Business Profile

Setting up your Google My Business account can help establish a strong online presence. It can be an essential tool for local SEO, allowing your company to appear noticeably on search engine results pages.

By optimizing your Google My Business profile, you are making it easier for your target audience to find you, your product, or services. Here are some more advantages of setting it up:

  • View your operating hours

  • Read Reviews about your products or services

  • Get directions to your store locations

  • Book appointments

  • View special offers or promotions

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13. Encourage Readers to Leave Reviews on Your Platforms

 Leave Reviews on Your Platforms

Reviews, testimonials, and feedback from past clients or customers serve as social proof of the credibility of the business and can heavily influence a potential buyer. Gathering a good amount of reviews will strengthen your business’s online presence and foster trust from users.

Also, it is natural to have negative comments about your product or service, just make sure that you view it as an opportunity for improvement instead of harboring resentment toward that specific customer.

14. Launch Your Brand’s Affiliate Program

Launch Brand's Affiliate Program

Launching an affiliate program can be a great move for brands looking to expand their online presence. Also, it will not come with upfront marketing expenses perfect for small and medium-size businesses.

With the popularity of influencers, bloggers, and content creators, promoting your products or services through them will boost your visibility and brand awareness. By rewarding your affiliates with a commission for every successful client they bring, you are tapping into a new audience that will eventually grow the business further than ever.

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15. Guest Post on Reputable Websites

Guest Post

Guest posting on reputable websites is a tried and proven method of increasing online presence for businesses. Think about it, Websites that have their own userbase and traffic that might be different than yours but still relevant will be exposed to your content.

A guess post will always result in a positive surge in your business, but it has to be a website or brand that has high authority in its field. In this way, you can build strong backlinks that are beneficial for SEO and expand your reach to potential new audiences.

When choosing a website to guest post on, it is not enough that they are reputable. Their brand or niche itself should be complimentary or aligned to yours. Otherwise, those backlinks will harm your online presence instead of improving them. Also, your own post should be valuable and relevant to both your brand and the host website

Final Thoughts

Establishing an online presence is no longer an option if you want your business to succeed. The world of entrepreneurship is always changing and brands who can’t adapt will be left behind. This is why it is important to stay proactive and innovative; from optimizing your website for mobile devices to engaging with your audience in social media, every strategy you decide to use will play a crucial role in growing your brand.

Remember, the goal of having an effective online presence is not just about being seen, it is to develop a genuine connection and relationship with your target audience. Only then will your effort in boosting online reach and credibility result in your business achieving lasting success.

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