10 Keys to Success in Business for Emerging Entrepreneurs


If you are a business owner or are planning to start one, then you are probably looking into the secrets and keys to success in business, especially if you are a beginner.

You can find many of these suggestions on the internet, but most are too broad or too big for you to take some action right after you read them.

It doesn’t matter if you know the keys to business success if you can’t implement and incorporate them into your plan. In this article, we will discuss actionable strategies to achieve business success.

The Keys to Success in Business

After reading a lot of information on what makes a business succeed, we decided on a list of 10 tips that could help any type of business especially new businesses or those who are just starting.

You might think that these keys to success in business are something that nobody knows or only successful entrepreneurs are aware of.

Then you are wrong, most of the strategies that successful business people implement are something everyone knows about but they just do not do or follow it no matter how simple they are.

Or maybe because they are too simple that small business owners and young entrepreneurs overlook them.

This is probably because of inexperience or lack of knowledge about how doing these long-term positive habits could affect their business success.

With that said, let’s start with the first one.

1. Set Clear Goals

Set Clear Goals

I am sure you have a goal that you are trying to reach in your mind as a business owner. It can be to achieve a certain amount of profit or cash flow.

Or maybe you want to expand your business to a new target market or a new location.

But have you written down these goals? or are they specific enough to the point where you can represent them with numbers?

Your goals must become measurable and time-bound. This is because overnight successes are not real. It takes some time and taking calculated risks for many successful businesses to become what they are today.

Here are some examples of unclear goals.

  • Increase sales.

  • Make more money.

  • Spend less money.

  • Launch new products.

  • Grow customer base.

As you can see setting these goals is not bad at all. The problem with them is that they are too vague and not measurable, making it hard to track growth and progress.

Setting more clear goals allows you to develop a more detailed business plan. These are examples of how successful business owners set their business goals.

Examples of clear goals.

  • 10% increase in client base by the end of the year.

  • 15% reduction in money spent on creating business products.

  • Reach 50k page sessions per month to join Mediavine, a premium ad network offering higher CPM rates.

  • Launch the new product at the end of Q3 to increase revenue by 10%

  • 5% growth of total profit in 2023.

The clarity and precision of goals set is how most business owners will achieve success. It must be clear, measurable, and actionable. Also, do not forget to write them down.

Here are some more tips for goal setting.

2. Stay Positive, Even When Businesses Fail

Stay Positive

Every person who is trying to run a successful business venture will eventually face failures.

This is inevitable, the world of business is full of ups and downs. As an entrepreneur, this is the life we choose.

Some days will be a lot harder than the other ones.

So you need to stay positive even if things are not going your way. This will help the business a lot more than you can imagine.

It sets the company culture, creates a strong team, and even provides a competitive advantage.

Here are some tips on how to stay positive even when businesses fail.

  • Practice gratitude regularly.

  • Do not talk negatively to yourself.

  • Manage work-life balance properly

  • Develop a growth mindset.

  • Focus on creating solutions, not the problem.

  • Seek support or mentorship.

  • Set some time for things that you love to do.

  • Create a to-do list to break down large tasks into smaller ones.

  • Celebrate small victories.

  • Practice meditation or mindfulness.

Here are some more tips to help you train your brain to be positive.

3. Keep Learning

Learning never stops.

Successful business owners understand this, and it is especially true for young entrepreneurs. This is because most businesses’ target audience’s needs or wants change a lot over time too.

Also, new ideas are important for continued success, even for large corporations or small businesses.

There is already a lot of information entrepreneurs need to know, but even after they grasp it all, the learning does not stop there.

Here are some concepts that business owners need to know:

  • Knowing how and where to spend money and other financial information.

  • Identifying the right and wrong people that should be a part of your team.

  • Developing buyer personas and understanding your target audience.

  • Creating a marketing strategy.

  • Embracing constructive criticism to achieve business success.

  • Providing great customer service to improve customer experience.

  • Mastering soft skills such as leadership and teamwork.

  • Preparing for the worst-case scenario.

  • Evaluating how much value your company is worth.

  • Attracting potential customers.

  • Learning how to measure success.

These are only a few ideas of what to learn as an entrepreneur. To know more what the importance of learning and development in business visit this article.

The main point here is you have to learn how to learn.

4. Manage Your Time Well

We all have 24 hours in a day, but some businesses are successful and some are not.

Some produce more products or do more services, and some aren’t. This all comes down to who manages their time well enough to do all the necessary things the business needs.

Time is the most important resource an entrepreneur has.

This is because once time is spent, we can never take it back. Unlike money or other assets spending time and resources properly is much more crucial to the business’s success.

Here are 5 tips on how to do time management efficiently:

  • First things first – Do the most important tasks first.

  • Share the work – Delegate the tasks if possible or hire freelancers.

  • Avoid multi-tasking – Contrary to popular belief it is better to focus on one task at a time.

  • Break it down – Most business tasks can be broken down into smaller chunks of work.

  • Cut the distractions – One of the primary reasons businesses fail is the presence of work distractions.

5. Monitor Your Money

Monitor Your Money

Paying attention to your expenses whether it is big or small is important for any business.

Most entrepreneurs forget just how crucial it is to monitor their money once they get into a certain category of earnings.

This is one of the reasons why business failure happens even after they succeed in creating a profitable business.

Making sure every penny is accounted for and keeping a close eye on their finances can be a make or miss for new businesses, while big companies have more margin of error on this matter.

Remember these tips on how to operate your finances:

  • Seek the help of experts such as tax and financial advisors.

  • Return on Investments matters.

  • Cask flow is the bloodline of your business.

  • Diversify income streams.

  • Keep emergency savings for the unexpected expenses of a business.

  • Avoid debt.

  • Create and follow a financial plan.

These are only a few tips about your business’s financial health, to know more visit this article from, Business News Daily.

6. Try New Things

Trying new things is also one of the habits that could lead to business success.

There are many benefits to trying your business idea. Whether it is about changing a specific strategy or making some changes to the business plans.

It could help the business grow in many different ways and it could also help you as the founder to stay focused on improving yourself and your company.

It could also teach you some new business skills that you might not have acquired if you never tried new things. It helps your company be prepared for the future and stay ahead of the competition.

Here are a few tips if you’re planning to try new things:

  • Innovate, don’t imitate.

  • Spot the trends in your niche.

  • Learn from failures of trying.

  • Step out of your comfort zone.

  • Listen to feedback.

  • Stay curious.

  • Acquired different skill sets.

You can learn more about why trying new things is good for you and your business in this article.

7. Build a Great Team

keys to success in business-Build a Great Team

I cannot stress enough how important it is for a business to have a great team.

A great team can be defined as a group of people who have the same passion and interest in mind, and it is for the betterment of the company.

Yes, some businesses could be handled alone, that’s why in today’s world there are also a lot of people going the solopreneur route.

Still, one way or another if you want to expand your business to new heights, you will need the help of some more people that can back you up. This is why it is important to know how to build a strong team for your company.

Building a great team requires time, effort, and people skills, so here are some examples of great teambuilding strategies:

  • Hire not just based on their qualifications but based on culture fit.

  • Establish the roles of each individual in the company.

  • Invest in the development of the team.

  • Always have a lookout for talents.

  • Create a way to have a strong communication channel with the team.

8. Listen to Your Customers

There’s a famous saying that the customers are always right.

This statement is not exactly accurate, but it highlights one of the crucial parts of business, and that is the customers.

Remember, your business would not exist or need to exist if it wasn’t for the needs or wants of your customers.

This is why it is important to listen to their problems, reactions, or feedback. You have to develop a certain type of relationship with your clients.

Listening to customers shows that you care about their needs and not solely focus on making money or profit.

Now, there are different strategies to listen to their feedback.

Here are some ways to listen to your customers to grow your own business.

  • Use feedback boxes just like in the old days.

  • Online reviews and ratings.

  • Social media comments, tweets, or likes.

  • Surveys from customers.

  • Focus groups and interviews.

9. Be Honest and Care for the Environment

People are more aware and informed in today’s world. This is why it is incredibly important to prevent one’s reputation from being destroyed.

But being honest and taking care of the environment is not about the reputation of a business.

It is to show that you genuinely care about your clients and the world we all are living in today, because who would like to purchase a product or service from a company who are not honest?

These are integral elements of a business, you might not observe the effects in short-term time but in the long run, they will have a massive impact.

Here are some ways to be honest and show that you care about the environment:

  • Be authentic.

  • Communicate your values as a company.

  • Include it in your mission and vision.

  • Engage and help with your community.

  • Do not drop the quality even if the profit increases, be consistent.

10. Celebrate Small Wins

keys to success in business-Celebrate Small Wins

The last one is to acknowledge and celebrate small wins.

A successful business owner will know this, getting a big victory in terms of business is hard and sometimes can be considered rare.

Not every company will be like Facebook, Microsoft, or any of the other big business companies out there.

It is crucial to be realistic but it is also just as important to have big dreams and goals.

The best strategy is to find the perfect balance of the two, setting an ambitious goal but also celebrating all the small milestones.

Doing this can give you motivation and discipline too, in achieving business success with everything you’ve got.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 habits of success?

There are a lot of different reasons for someone to have business success. But still, some traits and habits can be found commonly in successful entrepreneurs.

Here are the 5 habits of success:

  1. Healthy lifestyle

  2. Time management

  3. Setting clear goals

  4. Resiliency

  5. Willingness to learn

What makes someone successful?

Being successful is subjective, different people each have their own definition of success. What makes someone successful is having that feeling by yourself.

You can be a billionaire but with no family or friends, will you feel successful? or you could also be a millionaire with your life partner and be happy and content.

Even having a 9-5 job for some people can be a success, since not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and grow a business. Ultimately what will decide if someone is successful is their selves.

To answer the question, what makes someone successful? you first have to know what success means to you, if you learn that then you will know the more direct answer to this question.

Final Thoughts

This article mentioned 10 keys to success in business but in reality, most people already knew about all of these. The real predictor of success is your consistency in putting in the work that you know you have to do. Remember, you can’t entirely be sure that you will be successful even if you are consistent, day in and day out, however, you can be certain of failure if you are not.

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