Ultimate 35 Best Startup Ideas That Haven’t Been Done


In the world of business and technology, it is almost impossible to find unique startup ideas to start a business with. But as an upcoming entrepreneur, you should view every challenge as an opportunity for creativity and innovation.

Whether you are currently a teenager, a tech-savvy enthusiast, or a dreamer looking to achieve the biggest thing possible, this list will offer some unique business ideas to either dip your toe in the entrepreneurial waters or completely do a back-flip dive.

Just a warning that the ideas in this list range from concepts that have already been done, but can certainly be improved, to ventures that seem totally impossible. Some can also be labeled as a bad idea but this will all depend on your visions.

These ideas are merely meant to ignite your passion and imagination. So, let’s dive right in.

Quick Answer

Aspiring entrepreneurs can explore innovative startup ideas such as a Community Swap Shop for exchanging unused items, Virtual Local Tours guided by locals for travelers, DIY Eco-Fashion Kits for sustainable fashion, AI-driven Stress Relief Apps offering personalized coping mechanisms, and Space Vacation Planning for future interstellar travel. For tech enthusiasts, concepts like Privacy-first Social Networks and Alternative Learning Platforms offer unique twists to traditional models.

Startup Ideas For General People:

1. Community Swap Shop

Business Idea Community Swap Shop

In the world of consumerism, people buy items or products that they don’t even need. As soon as the joy of using them is gone, they will be thrown in the attic, garage, storage rooms, or even in the trash. These bad habits can lead to an innovative app or service where you can manage a community swap shop for local residents to exchange items they no longer need for something else they desire. This can be an eco-friendly approach and helps build community and neighborhood ties.

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2. Home Meal Exchange

Startup Ideas Home Meal Exchange

In a time where online shopping even for food is prevalent, why not introduce a home-cooked meal exchange that can bring forth some nostalgia? A platform that can allow neighbors or community members to swap homemade meals, offering a variety of different cuisines without leaving the comfort of your neighborhood.

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3. Skill Exchange Platform

startup ideas Skill Exchange Platform

Online courses are booming in today’s world, and everyone wants to learn something new, or at least be intrigued by the amount of information they can learn. Yes, everything is on the internet now but think about having a skill exchange platform where other professionals can teach others about what they do, and in return they do the same. An example is a programmer exchanging lessons with a chef. Think about what each of them can learn after, it will result in an interconnected and highly skilled society.

4. DIY Home Repair Kits

Business idea DIY Home Repair Kits

You can buy materials and tools, combined into a kit to repair your home, but what about the cheaper version of it? A repair kit that contains DIY materials instead of expensive ones. They can be marketed to homeowners and small business owners who operate at home and do not have enough time to go to the hardware store. Combine these kits with some DIY instructions and it can become a great business idea.

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5. Virtual Local Tours

startup ideas Virtual Local Tours

An international traveler or even someone going to a new area can benefit from having a virtual local tour. We have different maps online, but it will not beat the insights of a local guide, who might know which areas are the best for tourists and which ones are dangerous or time-wasting. You can use social media marketing or any platforms that have a lot of travel-focused individuals, and this can be a powerful marketing tool.

Startup Ideas For Teenagers:

6. DIY Eco-Fashion Kits

Shopping online has become the norm in today’s age. Yet, a lot more people are becoming aware too about their environment and want to care for it. This is why a DIY Eco-Fashion kit business might be a viable business idea. Starting an online store can be easy to learn for teenagers and they will never be bored as long as they are into fashion.

7. Virtual Homework Helpers

Virtual Homework Helpers

A virtual homework startup idea blends the essence of tutoring and the convenience of virtual assistant services. The difference can be the aim of the service, such as just finishing teaching the assignments and homework of your clients instead of teaching them the whole subject.

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8. Teen-driven Content Platform

Startup Ideas Teen-driven Content Platform

This platform can serve as an online hub specifically made for teenagers to write, and create media contents. A teen-driven content platform can serve many different purposes such as sharing experiences, stories, talents, and perspectives.

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9. Local Sports Gear Exchange

Local Sports Gear Exchange

This small business idea proposes an online store or platform where local residents can buy, sell, or swap sports gear together with other people in the community. It can offer an eco-friendly approach as sports-minded individuals can swap their gears even if it is lightly used instead of just throwing away what they don’t need anymore.

10. Teen Task Service

Teen Task Service

One of the best business ideas in this list is to create a platform for teenagers looking for extra income to be hired by people in their neighborhood or at least close to it. This can include lawn mowing, pet walking, or grocery runs. Small tasks that can be done by anyone.

Startup Ideas For Experts:

11. Personalized Expert News Digests

Personalized Expert News Digests

In a world filled with information, it is important for professionals to stay updated on their industry or niche. That is why personalized expert news digests can be one of the great startup ideas to consider. A platform where individuals can see the news about their particular niche, but this requires app development and a lot more than the other business ideas here.

12. Niche Research Journals

Niche Research Journals

This venture involves creating a platform where experts can publish articles or journals in their field. This should be about areas of study or fields that are not covered by the mainstream media. By founding this online store or subscription service, experts can both contribute and access niche journals that can be helpful, detailed, and high quality.

13. Niche Expert Networking Platforms

Niche Expert Networking Platforms

This platform will offer dedicated space for experts in unique fields to connect and collaborate with other professionals. It can be similar to LinkedIn in a way, but it is geared towards a more specific group of people based on their industry or niche.

14. Advanced Tech Tutorials

Advanced Tech Tutorials

Experts in the field of tech can offer tutorials about advanced subjects and topics in the industry. However, this can be a lot harder since not everyone will be able to grasp the advanced concepts. This is also why it can be profitable especially if you can know how to teach your knowledge in a simpler way.

15. Specialized Consulting Platforms

Specialized Consulting Platforms

If you have expertise and specialized skills, you can leverage them by offering a consulting service that is specific to your knowledge. Unlike broad consulting, this will cater to unique industry needs making the business invaluable and profitable.

Startup Ideas For Tech-Savvy Individuals

16. AI-driven Stress Relief Apps

AI-driven Stress Relief Apps

With the rise of mental health awareness, AI-driven stress relief apps can help individuals get personalized coping techniques and exercises. Keep in mind to work with a good professional in this field as dealing with the health and minds of people needs a sensitive approach to ensure safety.

17. Eco-friendly Ride Shares

Eco-friendly Ride Shares

Think of Uber, but make it all eco-friendly rides such as electric cars and scooters. For tech-savvy entrepreneurs, developing a platform that connects users to green transportation solutions can be impactful to your pockets and the environment.

18. Microplastic Home Filters

Microplastic Home Filters

Microplastics have detrimental effects on both our environment and health. This is why a home filter that features a microplastic filtration system is a good small business idea. Since most people will spend most of their time at home, it is necessary to capture these miniature pollutants. This business venture not only addresses a significant ecological issue but caters to a market of environmentally conscious consumers.

19. Privacy-first Social Networks

Privacy-first Social Networks

Most digital platforms will face some issues with user data protection and privacy. Creating a social network that takes security to the next level can be beneficial for having communication and engagements online. It is a timely response to modern challenges and emphasizes on user security and data privacy.

20. Alternative Learning Platforms

Alternative Learning Platforms

The traditional education system features a one-size-fits-approach, which is often criticized for how outdated it is. A good modern solution is starting your own business by creating a platform that provides an alternative to the traditional system. This platform should give students several options on how to learn a specific topic, in a way that they find fun and engaging.

Startup Ideas For Dreamers:

These are some of the business startup ideas that are either too advanced for the current technology or just simply improbable.

21. Space Vacation Planning

Space Vacation Planning

For those who have always looked at the stars with wonder and amazement, the concept of space vacation might not be too far-fetched. As of right now, it is limited by the technology of our time, but someday individuals will be able to book trips to other planets or even galaxies and relax on a lunar resort or something similar. For now, you can arrange an online platform or even a physical one to simulate what it would look and feel like.

22. Virtual Reality Shopping Platform

Quantum Shopping Assistant

Have you ever tried to buy clothes from an online store such as Amazon or some other brand, and then have to return them because they did not fit at all? In the future, we might be able to try clothes on without actually having them. You can use both virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to make it come true. It will be one of the most unique small business ideas that might not be too far from the present.

23. Virtual Reality History Lessons

Virtual Reality History Lessons

For those who are interested in the world’s history, creating a virtual reality that simulates and paints a vivid picture of the past like never before can be a great business idea. Imagine this, instead of just reading about ancient civilizations, history’s most iconic moments, dinosaurs, and their time, students can actually experience it with all their senses using VR and AR technologies.

24. Lab-grown Meat and Alternatives

Lab-grown Meat and Alternatives

As concerns about the environment and animal welfare rise, lab-grown meat provides a good alternative and promising solution. This industry could revolutionize the way we consume protein and other nutrients. Small businesses will have a hard time pioneering this business venture but through their platforms, they can participate and offer these alternatives. It also offers pet owners some sustainable options for their animal companion’s diets.

25. Nano-technology in Medicine

Nano-technology in Medicine

Nano-technology in Medicine offers endless possibilities, from precise delivery of drugs at the cellular level to nanobots that can repair damaged tissues. The potential applications are vast and transformative but the startup cost for initiating such projects will be just as high.

26. Blockchain for Non-financial Applications

Blockchain for Non-financial Applications

Blockchain technology is often associated with cryptocurrency but it can do far beyond just financial transactions. Some examples can include transparency in the voting systems, a supply chain where all steps are traceable, and even artworks where their creator can have undeniable ownership of their work. This promising innovation can redefine trust and collaboration across different fields.

27. Smart Cities Infrastructure

Smart Cities Infrastructure

For entrepreneurs, collaborating with your local community to integrate technology into the city’s infrastructure can be a great idea. It can range from traffic management to energy conservation. This can be the cornerstone of the business model. Ensuring the city residents see the innovations as valuable and this can be a profitable business.

More Startup ideas that haven’t been done

28. Personal Air Purifiers

29. AI for Personal Finance

30. Remote Team-building Platforms

31. Brain-Computer Interfaces

32. Personal Health Monitors

33. Biodegradable Electronics

34. 3D Printed Organs

35. Tech Solutions for the Elderly

Final Thoughts

In our rapidly evolving world, there are limitless possibilities for startup ideas that haven’t been done. Whether it is harnessing the power of technology and incorporating it into our daily lives, or doing small business ideas that help make the community better, entrepreneurs will be able to find new opportunities and challenges to solve. With the right vision and commitment to it, everyone can start their business ideas.

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