27 ‘Side Hustle’ for College Students: Opportunities to Explore


College students’ lives are filled with lectures, late-night studying, and social events, amidst all of these, many students seek additional income to support themselves. At the same time, a side hustle for college students is also a way to gain valuable experience and practical skills, or they just want extra cash for lunch.

Whichever reasons students have for looking for a side hustle, it will undeniably help their lives change for the better.

So here are 27 side hustle ideas that can pay good money to college students and also allow them to work in their own hours and own schedule.

27 ‘Side Hustle’ for College Students

With all that said, let’s start checking out some of the easiest side jobs to start for a busy college student.

1. Tutoring in Academic Subjects

Tutoring Side Hustle for College Students

A college campus will always be filled with students striving to excel in their courses. This is where the opportunity for tutoring comes in. You just have to be great at one specific course and then in just a few hours a week, you can make some extra cash. Not only that you are also helping your fellow college students or even high school students get a good mark, and who knows? you might even make some new friends or relationships in the process.

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2. Photography and Photo Editing

Photography Side Hustle for College Students

Small and local businesses are all now looking to establish their online presence, and this increases the demand for high-quality images and photo-editing skills, not just any stock photos. If you have a good camera and some photography skills, this can be a rewarding side hustle to earn a few dollars. Also, you can scale it up to be a full-time business once you have the spare time, by offering in-person photoshoots and portraits, and maybe opening your own photography studio.

3. Social Media Management for Local Businesses

Social Media Manager

Social media is now a big part of online businesses. It provides lead generation, drives brand awareness, and attracts potential customers to companies. That’s why they invest in hiring social media managers who can help them boost their sales through these different platforms. It can even be a full-time job for other companies, but most of the time it will only take a couple of hours from your busy college schedule. You probably use social media every day anyway, so why not make extra money while doing so?

4. Event Planning and Coordination

Event Planner

There are many events that college students can participate in or have been a part of, this is why event planning and coordination can be a good side hustle idea. Since college students will most likely party, attend multiple events, and join student-led organizations with frequent gatherings, arranging them instead of just going can be a great side job, and it will only need a few hours of your time.

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5. Campus Tour Guide for Prospective Students

Campus Tour Guide

Navigating the college or university campus for new students can be daunting. This problem creates an opportunity for college students to make some good money in their own hours by being a campus tour guide. If you have been around your campus for a few years, there’s a good chance that you will know how to go from building A to building B, or even your knowledge about the best place to study can be invaluable.

6. Handmade Crafts and Art Sales

Handmade Crafts

In an age where personalization is highly valued, unique gifts and handmade crafts can be popular with the right design and marketing. Pinterest is one of the best platforms to do this with. Simply take a picture of your craft in a portrait format, then you can insert it in Canva to edit it, and then post the image with the right description to attract interested viewers. You can also sell handmade crafts and arts on popular online selling platforms such as Etsy and eBay.

7. Online Course Creation

Online Course Creation

The online world has opened up a realm of possibilities leading to innovative side hustles for college students. Among the most lucrative side hustle is online course creation. Whether you are skilled in graphic design, web development, or any niche expertise, there will be an audience willing to pay to learn from you. Online course creation will include a proper presentation of information in a way that anyone, especially beginners can easily digest. The best thing about it is you only need to create the course once and then you can sell and market it as many times as you can.

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8. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

Dog Walking

In busy cities, pets are abundant but the owner’s time to walk them daily is not. This is why dog walking services and pet sitting is one of the highest-demand side hustles that college students can take part in. For individuals who are good at taking care of pets, it can be an ideal job to earn money without hurting your own studies. With the right approach and a bit of networking, you can easily find some clients that are nearby in your area. Also, you get to walk outside under the sun which can be a good thing, and you get to play with some cute pets.

9. Music Lessons or Performance Gigs

Music Lessons

For college students who are gifted in music, teaching others or taking on performance gigs can be a fulfilling side hustle. Doing what you love and earning money with it will always be a goal for a lot of people, so to be able to do it as a side hustle can be quite rewarding. Some of the platforms you can advertise your services with are Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and your social media account such as Instagram.

10. Freelance Writing or Blogging

Freelance Writer

For college students with a skill for writing, diving into the world of freelancing can be a good idea. The demand for high-quality content is ever-growing, and writers who are good at articulating information and sharing their insights will have a steady side hustle income. Blogging on the other hand needs a longer time commitment in order to be profitable, but it has the potential to one day cover your living expenses and pay your student loan debt.

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11. Personal Shopping or Styling

Personal Shopper

Students who have a great fashion sense, or at least have been told by their classmates that they dress well can do personal shopping or styling side hustle. You can collaborate with fellow students and advertise your services on the college or university’s website to start garnering some attention from other students. Some online platforms that can help you with this side hustle idea are Poshmark Stylist, Stitch Fix, and your Instagram account.

12. Resume and Cover Letter Consulting

Resume Consulting

College students probably will have some resume and cover writing experience already. It can be from when they are still applying to their local high schools or to the university’s admissions office to get into college or for their internships. The point is they can help fellow students with this experience and earn some extra money in the process and it will only take a few hours per week.

13. Translation or Interpretation Services


In today’s globalized world, where we can communicate and reach our audience from any part of the world, the demand for translation or interpretation services is ever-increasing. College students who are bilingual or multilingual can take advantage of this opportunity to earn more money. Whether it is helping fellow students understand their textbooks written in another language, or assisting local businesses reach an international audience, these services can be a lucrative side hustle.

14. Podcasting or Voice-over Work


Podcasting is one of the most powerful platforms for storytelling, educating listeners, and entertaining your users. With the rise of this media, comes opportunities for a college side hustle idea. Students can sign up to be interviewed by podcasters and tell their unique perspectives or they can launch their own brand to gather listeners themselves. Either way, it can be a side hustle that is worth their time.

15. Peer Study Group Organizer

Peer Study Group Organizer

The journey through college or university is hard, studying alone at night does not make it easier. A peer study group will be a lot more fun, give you the college experience, and might even be more beneficial for studying. This is why being an organizer of this gathering can be a good part-time job or side hustle. Some of the platforms you can use to start are Facebook groups, Meetup and Discord.

16. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services

A lot of businesses are being created online, so it makes sense that virtual assistants are also in demand. College students with good computer skills are positioned to apply for this type of virtual odd jobs. The work can range from managing emails, setting up appointments, and handling social media. Since the job is virtual or remote, it is a good side hustle for college students.

17. Food Delivery Driver

Food Delivery Driver

Due to the popularity of platforms like Uber and Doordash, food delivery services are a side hustle that anyone with access to a car can do. This includes college students looking to earn some decent money while they are still in school. The job is simple, deliver food to the locations the app tells you within the time frame.

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18. Rent Out Extra Storage Space

Rent Out Extra Storage Space

In college areas, it is always in demand to have some extra space within the campus or nearby. Especially since students are moving in and out of their dorms, that’s why renting a part of your storage space can be a good idea for some passive income to come in while you are still studying. Platforms like StoreAtMyHouse and Neighbor can help advertise your services and capitalize your time on college.

19. Offer Grocery Shopping Services

Grocery Shopping Services

As college life gets busier, the time to do some grocery shopping decreases, while the demand for grocery shopping services increases. Other students or professors who are too busy with their studies and work can just hire someone to buy their groceries for them, instead of settling for fast food. Some of the best platforms are Instacart and Shipt.

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20. Rent Out Your Car

Rent Out Your Car

Owning a car can be beneficial for college students who live far away from the campus. It makes their transportation easier than regular commutes together with thousands more students and workers. But, students who live nearby but also have their own car or even own pickup truck, can rent out their car in exchange for some extra cash.

21. Creating and Selling Digital Templates

Creating and Selling Digital Templates

Creating anything of value and then selling it is easier than ever, thanks to platforms such as Etsy, Creative Market, and Gumroad. Whether it is PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, or social media templates, you can sell them all on these platforms and make a profit.

22. Baking or Cooking Services

Baking or Cooking Services

Some students might crave something other than the usual Tim Hortons, Starbucks, or their campus cafeteria foods. Cooking that tastes closer to their homemade meals might be a source of a profitable side hustle. College students who have a knack for cooking and baking can advertise their services on Facebook groups, local bulletin board, or their personal Instagram accounts.

23. Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash

For students who love washing their cars until it is squeaky clean, a mobile car wash business might be a good idea. Universities that are located in big cities will be surrounded by cars, and washing those cars can provide income to students who are willing to commute to a proper location to do the cleaning.

24. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is needed by all businesses no matter their size or scale. College students who tend to be tech-savvy and up-to-date with trends and will have an advantage in applying for these jobs. Although it might require some work experience or at least testimonials of past clients, it can be one of those side hustles that can turn into a full-scale business.

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25. Clothing Reselling

Clothing Reselling

The fashion industry is always evolving and with the rise of platforms such as Depop and Poshmark, reselling of clothes has become popular with the younger generations. The key is having an eye for what’s in demand that college students can sell for the right price. This will include proper knowledge and understanding of branding and trends.

26. Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Just like many tech-related services, graphic design has become in demand with the rise of online businesses. This job can range from creating logos, and marketing materials to crafting visual content for websites and ads. Some of the platforms that can help students shine with their graphic design skills are Fiverr and Upwork.

27. Fitness or Yoga Instructor

Fitness or Yoga Instructor

The increasing awareness when it comes to health and personal development has made fitness instructors one of the trending side hustle ideas out there. Campuses can have recreational spaces and even gyms inside that students can utilize to teach or guide others to their dream bodies. Additionally, platforms like Zoom or YouTube can make virtual fitness classes possible, reaching more audiences for this side hustle.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of college and universities can be a lifetime experience. There are just so many things happening in your life that sometimes it is hard to balance academics with personal life, and also the financial responsibilities that fall on you can be mentally exhausting.

This is why it is important to find a side hustle that not only can give you some extra money, and lets you work on your own time and schedule, but also something that excites you to wake up every morning. And I hope this list of side hustle ideas has helped you decide on which path to take. So, good luck with your entrepreneurial adventures!

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