Top 11+ Best Apps For Side Hustle To Attain Wealth


In the world of business, you can start a side hustle even by only using your phone. This is because of the many different applications that were invented to help customers solve their problems. This article will list all the best apps for side hustle that can help you attain wealth or just another extra money for lunch.

Let’s start with the popular ones, all the way to some of the apps that only a few entrepreneurs know about. Also, the article will feature some of the success stories of individuals who turn their side hustle into wealth.

Best Side Hustle Apps

This article listed 10 side hustle apps to help you make money on the side. Let’s dive right in.

1. Fiverr

💲Potential Earnings: Freelancers can earn starting from $5 to several thousand dollars per project.

🔍Requirements: Some gigs may require proven expertise in the field.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android


Fiverr was invented in 2010 and since then it has become the cornerstone of those looking to make money through a side hustle, in their own schedule earning from just a few bucks to enough income to attain financial freedom.

One of the great examples is Alex Fasulo, also known as the freelance fairy. She found a way to transform her side hustles into lucrative careers. At first, she was offering just writing services, but then she diversified her portfolio to earn more while working at her own hours.

Unlike most of the side hustle apps in this article, Fiverr caters to a variety of skills that can be applied to their platform including but not limited to:

  • Content Writing and Copywriting

  • Graphic Designing

  • SEO Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Video Editing

  • Web Development

If your specialty is one of these skills then you will be perfect for Fiverr but keep in mind that there are a lot more expertise that are on demand in the platform, and also as long as you’re determined you will be able to start your side hustle journey on this app.

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2. Airbnb

💲Potential Earnings: Hosts can potentially earn from $500 to several thousand dollars a month.

🔍Requirements: Clean and well-maintained rooms to rent out.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Airbnb hustle app

Airbnb is one of the favorite side hustle apps of individuals with spare rooms or houses to earn money with. With its easy-to-use app, hosting and managing rooms like a hotel can be done by anyone.

An inspiration to many, Brian Chesky, the founder of Airbnb, seized an opportunity to transform the concept of renting out his room into a multi-billion dollar business, proving that you can find an opportunity anywhere to build a side hustle and earn extra cash.

One of its best features is its meticulous background checks that provide peace of mind for hosts. They can also ensure safe payment transactions in their bank account or via PayPal cash.

Overall, Airbnb offers a flexible schedule to save money and earn on the side, making it a top choice for a lucrative side hustle.

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3. Uber

💲Potential Earnings: Drivers can expect to earn from $10 – $35 per hour depending on their location.

🔍Requirements: Valid driver’s license, insurance, and a vehicle that meets Uber’s standards.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Uber hustle apps

Uber is not just a taxi service; it has grown to be one of the best side hustle apps that allows individuals to make money on their own schedule.

Aside from offering ride services, it has also become a leading grocery delivery service, transforming the process of tedious grocery shopping tasks for an in-store shopper into opportunities to earn extra income for hustlers.

With a flexible schedule that gives you time to have a life, Uber stands as a giant among the other side hustle apps in this list. As they make earning money as simple as ever and help workers around the world achieve financial freedom.

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4. Turo

💲Potential Earnings: Car owners can earn from $500 – $3000 per month based on the rental car.

🔍Requirements: Own a car that meets Turo’s standards.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Turo side hustle apps

Turo is the go-to side hustle app for car owners looking to make more money by renting out their vehicles. With a thorough background check process, Turo ensures car safety for both owners and renters.

Individuals can effectively utilize their free time to create a listing in the app to show that they are willing to rent out their car in their spare time and earn money online.

This is why Turo ranks high among the apps to make money because it offers a straightforward and reliable way to increase your monthly income.

5. Thumbtack

💲Potential Earnings: Experts can earn anywhere from $20 to $150 per hour depending on the job complexity.

🔍Requirements: A proven craftsman skills or trades.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Thumbtack side hustle

Thumbtack Is a powerful side hustle app that you can leverage in your free time. Offering individuals to turn their skills into a profitable venture.

Some of the skills best utilized in these platforms are:

Thumbtack allows businesses and individuals to showcase their expertise and find clients. It is an essential side hustle app for a craftsman in today’s gig economy landscape.

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6. Neighbor

💲Potential Earnings: Hosts can earn between $50 to $500 per month depending on the size of the space.

🔍Requirements: Ownership of unused space that adheres to Neighbor’s safety and community rules.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Neighbor hustle app

Neighbor is one of the best hustle apps to make extra money by leveraging your unused spaces. Renting out a spare room or storage space has never been easier and more profitable.

In a world where everyone does online shopping in different forms, offering a storage solution can be a unique opportunity for making money.

So try and download this app now and turn your extra space into a money-making asset.

7. Teespring

💲Potential Earnings: Sellers can earn from $100 to a few thousand dollars per month depending on the success of their designs.

🔍Requirements: Creativity to design unique products.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Teespring side hustle

Teespring allows users to capitalize on the trend of web shopping online to sell their custom-design merchandise.

Whether you are a seasoned designer looking to earn more money in different platforms, or a newbie spending a few hours to sketch out some simple designs, Teespring can help in your venture.

For those who like playing games with their designs and are creative enough to be unique, this app presents a unique opportunity for you to test the waters of the online marketplace.

Selling items locally or internationally will also become easier with Teespring as they have a broad reach of audience from different demographics.

But to be successful you have to understand the trends of shopping online to help you turn this fun hobby into a profitable side hustle.

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8. Snagajob

💲Potential Earnings: Job seekers using Snagajob can earn from minimum wage to upwards of $30 or more per hour.

🔍Requirements: Proficiency in a specific skill set.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Snagajob side hustle apps

Snagajob is one of the established great side hustle apps available in the market today. It helps millions to find the best hourly work suitable to their schedule and skill set.

People who are looking to make extra money by getting part-time positions such as in retail, food delivery, or customer service will be able to find numerous opportunities in Snagajob.

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9. Field Agent

💲Potential Earnings: Users on the field agent app can expect to earn from $3 to $20 per task, but some tasks can pay higher or lower than that.

🔍Requirements: Must be at least 18 years old and have a smartphone.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Field Agent hustle apps

Field Agent stands as a reliable platform offering individuals looking to make extra money by completing a variety of tasks that businesses need.

These tasks can include taking online surveys, price checks, sharing opinions on a product or service, and many more.

For those who have a knack for giving detailed feedback and reviews, Field Agent presents a great opportunity to monetize your skillset by connecting you to the businesses that will benefit from your insights.

10. Rover

💲Potential Earnings: Pet sitters and dog walkers can expect to earn from $20 to $40 a day on average.

🔍Requirements: Must be at least 18 years old and have a genuine love for animals is a bonus.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

Rover's best side hustle apps

Rover has quickly become the go-to dog walking app for pet owners looking to find a reliable caretaker for their furry friends.

This app provides an easy-to-use interface where you can browse a number of services from dog boarding to pet sitting and more.

Rover will bring a sense of security that allows pet owners to go on their daily lives without worrying if their pets need a walk or a meal. Because this side hustle app will make sure that they are taken care of.

11. TaskHuman

💲Potential Earnings: Coaches on taskhuman can set their price but it can usually start from $20 to $50 per hour depending on their expertise.

🔍Requirements: Expertise in a specific niche or industry.

📲Get it on: iOS | Android

TaskHuman side hustle

TaskHuman is revolutionizing the way people receive coaching in their ventures. This side hustle app provides access to experts from various fields directly to their users through the platform.

Whether it is fitness, nutrition, mental health or even learning a new hobby or side hustle, Taskhuman will have a set of professionals ready to assist you.

In short, Task Human is a promising app that offers opportunities for both users looking for some guidance and experts looking to share their knowledge.

Few More Side Hustle Apps

12. Decluttr mobile app

13. Survey Junkie

14. Steady app

15. Doordash

16. Amazon Flex

17. Swagbucks

Final Thoughts

There are many different apps that can help you earn money on the side or as the primary source of your income. Deciding which one to try will ultimately depend on your skillset and interests.

Embarking on a journey on any of these apps can help you achieve your business goals, whether you are working on your career or planning a way to attain financial freedom. The important thing is to start with a clear goal in mind and maintain a consistent effort to learn and adapt to this constantly evolving world.

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