Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made? Secrets Behind Success


Entrepreneurs are individuals who exhibit certain exceptional characteristics that might lead someone to ask the question, “Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask themselves if they can also be one of the most successful people in the business world. The doubt that they have on whether they can accomplish their goals or not, gives rise to the idea that entrepreneurs might be born rather than made.

Let’s dive into this question, and discuss the key traits that many entrepreneurs possess that can either be natural or nurtured.

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made

Entrepreneurs are made not born. You can have all the natural talent in the world, but without dedication, hard work, and perseverance, you can never be a successful entrepreneur. While it is true that some may have innate abilities or inclinations, it is the action, education, and experiences that will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

The willingness to work hard, the drive to build a successful business, and the ability to take risks are often developed over time and as individuals gather life experiences.

Most entrepreneurs cultivate and hone these qualities throughout their lifetime, demonstrating that it is not just the inherent personality traits that impact how someone’s entrepreneurial journey will develop.

Instead, it is the lessons they learned through failures and the determination to never give up, so in essence, entrepreneurship is more about the process than natural talents.

Why are entrepreneurs said to be born?

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Entrepreneurs are often said to be born because of the characteristics that they display at a very young age, suggesting that their drive to build their own business is born within rather than made.

The phrase “entrepreneurs are born”, underscores the belief that most entrepreneurs acquired the necessary qualities to be successful entrepreneurs when they were born.

While skills can be thought of, the inherent passion that entrepreneurs have exhibited since they were young makes a good argument to decide whether they are born or made.

Why are older entrepreneurs more successful?

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Older entrepreneurs are often more successful because of the experiences and skills they have obtained throughout their life. As well as the networks and relationships they have developed and the education they have learned in their respective fields or through formal education like a business school.

While there is a belief that successful entrepreneurs born with innate abilities are the norm, it is the culmination of experiences, skills, and training over time that make their own businesses take off.

Many famous entrepreneurs who found success later in life such as Ray Croc(McDonald’s) and Colonel Harland Sanders(KFC), are testaments to the idea that the entrepreneurial spirit can be made.

Nurtured Traits vs. Innate Qualities: The Making of an Entrepreneur

Yes, entrepreneurs are made not born, but there are certain qualities that make an individual more inclined to be a business person. Let’s look at some of the innate qualities vs the nurtured traits of an entrepreneur.

Qualities Some Entrepreneurs are Born With

  1. Intuition

    Entrepreneurs often possess an instinctive understanding of the market, their customers, and emerging trends. This intuitive sense is not something that can be taught, but rather a gut feeling that guides their decisions, helping them navigate the uncertain waters of business.

  2. Risk Appetite

    There are some people born naturally that is more willing to take risks or have a higher stress tolerance than others. Since entrepreneurship is a very stressful career to be in, individuals growing in the industry are more likely to have a higher risk appetite than others.
  3. Inherent IQ or Intelligence

    While intelligence comes in many forms, entrepreneurs often have a natural aptitude for problem-solving, critical thinking, and grasping complex concepts quickly. This innate intelligence can give them an edge in understanding their industry, making strategic decisions, and innovating.

Traits and Characteristics Entrepreneurs Develop

  1. Resilience

    While some level of toughness might be inherent, resilience in the face of business challenges is often developed over time. Repeated failures, setbacks, and learning from mistakes foster a tenacity that helps entrepreneurs bounce back and persist.

  2. Networking Skills

    Building connections and forming business relationships is a skill that is often honed with experience. Entrepreneurs learn the importance of a strong network and develop the ability to nurture and leverage these connections over time.

  3. Technical Knowledge

    Understanding the intricacies of finance, budgeting, and investment is not something everyone is born with. Through education, experience, and sometimes hard lessons, entrepreneurs develop a keen sense of managing money and making sound financial decisions.

  4. Leadership

    The entrepreneurial journey demands constant evolution. The most successful entrepreneurs understand the need for continuous learning, be it through formal education, self-study, or seeking mentorship. They also develop the ability to pivot and adapt to changing market conditions.

How do you develop your entrepreneurial traits?

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To become a successful entrepreneur, it is necessary to acquire the traits and characteristics needed through real-life experiences. This means continuous learning and education even after finishing your degree, and embracing the process of trial and error because the business world will be full of ups and downs.

Here are some entrepreneurial traits that are necessary to develop to be a natural entrepreneur:

  • Not being afraid to take risks.

  • Knowing how to communicate and articulate your thoughts and ideas.

  • Curiosity to explore new innovations.

  • Ability to lead individuals to achieve similar goals.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires more than just your inherent talents, it demands a commitment to your goals, the willingness to learn and innovate, and the resilience to persevere through challenges and setbacks.

Final Thoughts

So, are entrepreneurs born with special skills and abilities, or do they become who they are through hard work and life challenges? It is clear that while some might have a natural edge, it is the journey that makes the man, not the destination or the beginnings.

In the end, being an entrepreneur is less about what you are born with, it is more about what you do with what you’ve got. Combine that with hard work, and experience over time and you will surely develop to be a great entrepreneur.

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