19 TV Shows For Entrepreneurs: Startups To Big Businesses


We can have all the desire in the world to be successful, but if our minds can’t visualize what that looks like, it will be harder to achieve these goals. So sometimes, watching good TV shows for entrepreneurs can help give us a little bit of push to do the tasks we ought to do.

Each individual is different and has varied reasons for pursuing their own goals in the world of business. But a few traits they all have in common are the drive to chase success and the fear of the unknown, and the one thing they are usually missing is a dose of inspiration that will light a fire in their hearts, and face their fears.

This article compiled a list of 19 TV shows for entrepreneurs, where its viewers will be exposed to the world of entrepreneurship. Let’s get right into it!

Quick Answer

Entrepreneurs seeking inspiration or entertainment can tune into iconic shows like Silicon Valley for tech startup culture, and Shark Tank for real-life investment pitches. Billions to experience the world of high-stakes finance, Mad Men for advertising, and The Office for a comedic take on office dynamics. For insightful documentaries and real-life tales, The Dropout and Inside Bill’s Brain, Decoding Bill Gates offer deep dives into the minds of some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.

TV Shows For Entrepreneurs

TV shows for entrepreneurs

Here are 19 TV shows for entrepreneurs that will certainly make your blood boil, your mind running and your heart pounding, to start and grow a successful business.

1. Suits

Streaming On: Netflix

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (8.4/10)

Story Line: Suits dives into the everyday lives of lawyers in the top Manhattan corporate law firm. The show follows two main protagonists, Mike Ross who is a college dropout, and Harvey Specter, the coolest guy in the show and one of the most charismatic characters in all of TV history.

This duo forms an unbeatable team with Mike’s photographic memory and Harvey being one of the city’s best lawyers. Combined with one-of-a-kind character development through Louis Litt’s story, you will surely be on a rollercoaster of emotion with this show.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The TV show illustrates how personal and professional lives can sometimes entangled, highlighting the sacrifices and tough decisions entrepreneurs often make.

🚀 Valuable lessons are presented by the show that are vital for aspiring business owners, this includes negotiation skills, competitiveness, and client relationships.

🚀 Suits also emphasizes the significance of trust, integrity, and connections in achieving success in one’s own business.

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2. Start-Up

Streaming On: Netflix

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (8.0/10)

Story Line: Start-Up revolves around a group of young entrepreneurs passionate about achieving their dreams in the world of tech start-ups in South Korea. A fictitious company Sandbox, trains and gives funding to a group that can present the best business idea within a specific time limit. The story weaves through the challenges faced by these tech visionaries while balancing their personal and love lives.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The story showcases valuable insights into the start-up ecosystem and the hard work needed to achieve a successful business.

🚀 It also demonstrates that it is not enough to be a genius, there are certain qualities that entrepreneurs must have that can only be acquired through experience.

🚀 Start-up also illustrates the importance of mentorship and teamwork in building your own company and leaving an impact in the tech world.

3. Silicon Valley

Streaming On: HBO

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (8.5/10)

Story Line: Silicon Valley is a comedic take on the tech industry, revolving around a group of software engineers trying to launch their own start-up while experiencing the complex world of Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The shows offer an honest insight into the ups and downs of a struggling business, how its founders try their very best to scale the company, and how politics affects their decisions.

🚀 The show reminds business owners of one of the core values of a successful entrepreneur, which is to learn how to collaborate and innovate not just by yourself, but with the right people by your side.

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4. Shark Tank

Streaming On: ABC

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (7.7/10)

Story Line: Shark Tank is a reality TV series that gives aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to life. They present their business ideas to the five sharks in the tank, which are five titans of different industries who already made their dreams into reality and have built wealthy empires. The contestants will try to convince them to invest capital in their idea and hope for it to take off.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The business TV show offers a glimpse into the high-stakes world of entrepreneurs where a single decision can cost millions.

🚀 It underscores the importance of passion, preparation, and perseverance in making a business proposal and securing investment from some of the most successful business people in the industry.

🚀 Every episode in Shark Tank is a true story of dreams, struggles, and the relentless spirit of entrepreneurs, reminding viewers of the risks and rewards of the business world.

5. Billions

Streaming On: Showtime

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (8.3/10)

Story Line: Billions offers a deep dive into the world of high finance by chronicling the power struggles between two of New York’s most powerful figures: U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod. As Rhoades uses the weight of the justice system to keep billionaires like Axelrod in check, the show sheds light on the blurred lines between right and wrong in the world of investment and power.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The TV series shows its viewers just how complicated the dynamics in the world of finance are. It is not just about having a lot of money to manage, it is about satisfying the individuals on top.

🚀 It offers a new perspective on ambition and insights on how to build wealth that can be used by small business owners and major financial companies alike.

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6. Better Call Saul

Streaming On: Netflix

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (9.0/10)

Story Line: A prequel to the infamous “Breaking Bad”, Better Call Saul dives into the transformation of Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer hustling to champion his underdog clients, into Saul Goodman, the morally challenged lawyer we see in the later series. Along the way, the series unveils the world of legal drama, backdoor strategies, and the lengths to which one might go to establish a name in a cutthroat profession.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 As one of the most known business TV shows, Better Call Saul demonstrates how hard choosing between the right practice and success in your business can be. Because sometimes, you can only have one.

🚀 The show highlights the power of branding, networking, and reputation management.

🚀 Through the story of the protagonist, entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights into the significance of resourcefulness and risk-taking in the world of business.

7. The Profit

Streaming On: CNBC

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (8.3/10)

Story Line: The Profit follows entrepreneur and investor Marcus Lemonis as he steps in to save struggling businesses while making an investment of his own. Throughout the episodes, Lemonis breaks down the core principles of a successful business: People, Process, and Product. As he dives deep into the operations, challenges, and potential of each company, he offers invaluable advice and takes action to turn around its fortunes.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 This show emphasizes the importance of leadership, teamwork, and effective management in leading the company toward success.

🚀 One of the key take away from The Profit is the importance of understanding and managing finances for ensuring the sustainability of the business in the long run.

8. Mad Men

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (8.7/10)

Story Line: Set in the 1960s, Mad Men provides a rich portrayal of one of New York’s most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the decade. The story revolves around Don Draper, a talented ad executive with a mysterious past.

He goes through the challenges of personal relationships, changes in his social life, and professional rivalries. Alongside him, is a diverse cast of characters who portray the complexities of the advertising world during a transformative era for the industry.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 Mad Men showcases the intricacies of office politics, networking, and the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance, providing lessons on leadership, ambition, and ethics.

🚀 The show also underscores the significance of brand image, client relationships, and the power of effective storytelling in shaping a successful business.

🚀 The series exposes the viewers to the world of advertising, marketing strategies, and the importance of understanding consumer behavior.

9. The Office

Streaming On: Peacock

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (9.0/10)

Story Line: The Office is a sitcom capturing the everyday lives of office employees working at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton, PA branch. With a unique comedic style, it delves into the relationships, personal ambitions, and hilarious traits of the employees, led by the weirdest and often inappropriate regional manager, Michael Scott. While it is primarily comedic, the show offers a genuine look into the dynamics of a typical American workplace.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The show highlights varied leadership styles, showcasing the dos and don’ts of managing a team.

🚀 It emphasizes the importance of teamwork and maintaining a positive workplace environment.

🚀 Through office scenarios, we see the ups and downs of company politics, sales, and ambition.

10. House of Lies

Streaming On: Showtime

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (7.4/10)

Story Line: House of Lies takes viewers behind the scenes of the high-stakes world of management consulting, where the aim is to get the client’s money while keeping one’s integrity. The show revolves around Marty Kaan and his team, who do whatever it takes to close deals and navigate their complex personal lives.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The show portrays the challenges of balancing business and ethics.

🚀 It demonstrates the role of teamwork and strategy in achieving business goals.

🚀 The series gives a look into the art of persuasion and negotiation in the corporate world.

11. The Dropout

Streaming On: Hulu

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (7.5/10)

Story Line: The Dropout shows the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of Theranos, a health technology company. The show delves deep into how Holmes’ ambition and the drive to succeed led to one of the biggest scandals in Silicon Valley, as the world discovered the reality behind her revolutionary blood testing technology.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 It underscores the importance of maintaining transparency and ethical standards in entrepreneurship.

🚀 The story is a potent reminder of the need for genuine innovation and honesty in building trust with stakeholders.

12. The Grand Hustle

Streaming On: Bet

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (7.4/10)

Story Line: In The Grand Hustle, 16 contestants compete for a six-figure position within T.I.’s multimillion-dollar company, showcasing their business skills in a series of challenges. As they go through the world of Atlanta’s music and entertainment scene, the contestants must prove their worth in the business.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The competition format reveals the significance of determination and adaptability in the business realm.

🚀 Through various challenges, the show emphasizes the value of creativity and strategic thinking.

🚀 It also illustrates the importance of personal branding and building meaningful connections in the industry.

13. Dirty Money

Streaming On: Netflix

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (8.1/10)

Story Line: Dirty Money is a docuseries that delves into untold stories of scandal, financial malpractice, and corruption in the world of business. Each episode investigates different shady dealings, from dishonest private investors to suspicious corporate actions that have consequences for everyone involved and related to it.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The series highlights the dangers of prioritizing profits over ethical standards.

🚀 It underscores the importance of transparency and maintaining integrity even in challenging situations.

🚀 Through real-world cases, viewers are shown the potential ramifications of not adhering to moral and legal standards in business.

14. Generation Wealth

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (6.6/10)

Story Line: Generation Wealth is a documentary that examines the global obsession with wealth and the insatiable consumer culture that defines modern society. Through the lens of photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield, the film showcases the lives of the rich and famous, as well as those who aspire to such a lifestyle, highlighting the societal pressures and personal sacrifices made in pursuit of material success.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The documentary paints a vivid picture of how the relentless pursuit of wealth can skew priorities and values.

🚀 It serves as a reminder to entrepreneurs about the importance of balance between personal and professional growth.

🚀 Generation Wealth underscores the need to question societal norms and reflect on what true success and happiness mean.

15. McMillions

Streaming On: HBO

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (7.2/10)

Story Line: McMillions tells the astonishing true story of the biggest scam in U.S. history. The documentary unravels the twisted tale of how an ex-cop managed to rig McDonald’s Monopoly game promotion for a decade, stealing millions of dollars. The series dives into the minds of those involved, revealing their motivations and the mechanics behind the audacious scheme.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The series reveals the depth to which individuals can manipulate capital markets for personal gain.

🚀 It highlights the importance of auditing and monitoring in business to prevent making the same mistakes.

🚀 McMillions showcases the significance of building relationships and trust in any venture and the consequences when it’s abused.

16. The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

Streaming On: Crave

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (7.2/10)

Story Line: This documentary charts the rise and fall of Theranos, a revolutionary blood testing company, and its CEO, Elizabeth Holmes. Claiming to have revolutionized blood testing, the company became one of Silicon Valley’s biggest success stories. However, it soon became evident that their groundbreaking tech was a massive fraud, putting thousands of patients at risk.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The documentary underscores the dangers of misrepresentation in the tech world and how it can tarnish the creative process.

🚀 It serves as a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs on the repercussions of sacrificing integrity for fame and success.

🚀 The Inventor emphasizes the necessity for transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in every business venture.

17. Halt and Catch Fire

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (8.4/10)

Story Line: Halt and Catch Fire is set during the personal computer revolution of the early 1980s and the rise of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. The series follows a group of engineers and business visionaries who aim to revolutionize the computer industry by building their own PC that can challenge the giants of the era. Over the seasons, it dives deep into the transformations, challenges, and relationships of its central characters.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The series underscores the importance of innovation and risk-taking in the tech world.

🚀 Highlights the personal and professional challenges of disrupting established industries.

🚀 It demonstrates the power of teamwork, vision, and perseverance in the face of competition.

18. Empire

Streaming On: Fox

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (7.4/10)

Story Line: Empire is a musical drama that revolves around a hip-hop music and entertainment company, Empire Entertainment, and the founding family’s fight for control of it. As the patriarch, Lucious Lyon, battles a weakening illness, his three sons and ex-wife confront their own challenges and ambitions to gain control of the business empire.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The show delves into the complexities of family-run businesses and the balance of power.

🚀 It illustrates the music industry’s nature and the importance of brand and image.

🚀 Empire showcases the challenges and rewards of maintaining a business legacy amidst personal drama.

19. Inside Bill’s Brain, Decoding Bill Gates

Streaming On: Netflix

TV Show Ratings: IMDB (7.8/10)

Story Line: Inside Bill’s Brain, Decoding Bill Gates is a documentary series that provides an in-depth look into the mind of the tech magnate, philanthropist, and Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates. The series delves into his thought processes, the challenges he faced in building Microsoft, and his present-day efforts to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

TV Show Insights:

🚀 The series offers a unique perspective on the mindset and determination behind one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

🚀 It highlights the importance of vision, continuous learning, and adapting to change.

🚀 Beyond business, the series underscores the significance of leveraging success for philanthropic causes and global betterment.

Final Thoughts on These TV Shows For Entrepreneurs

In the world of business, it is not crucial for entrepreneurs to stay inspired or motivated, what they need is to be disciplined.

These TV shows might offer not only entertainment but information too, but still, there is no way they can compare to the real-life experiences that one will face in his entrepreneurship journey.

The only focus of these TV shows is to provide their audience with a dose of motivation and some laughter, so I highly recommend watching a few of them in your free time. You will surely get some helpful advice and insights from them.

With that said, I will end this article with a quote from Harvey Specter of Suits, “The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

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